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Miscellaneous Characters

A listing of UNICODE Character Entities
Code Display Name
‌ or ‌‌ or ‌zero width non-joiner
‍ or ‍‍ or ‍zero width joiner
‎ or ‎‎ or ‎left-to-right mark
‏ or ‏‏ or ‏right-to-left mark
ⁿSuperscript N
ℑ or ℑℑ or ℑblackletter capital I = imaginary part
№number word
℘ or ℘℘ or ℘script capital P = power set = Weierstrass p
ℜ or ℜℜ or ℜblackletter capital R = real part symbol
ℵ or ℵℵ or ℵalef symbol = first transfinite cardinal
← or ←← or ←leftwards arrow
↑ or ↑↑ or ↑upwards arrow
→ or →→ or →rightwards arrow
↓ or ↓↓ or ↓downwards arrow
↔ or ↔↔ or ↔left right arrow
↵ or ↵↵ or ↵downwards arrow with corner leftwards = carriage return
⇐ or ⇐⇐ or ⇐leftwards double arrow
⇑ or ⇑⇑ or ⇑upwards double arrow
⇒ or ⇒⇒ or ⇒rightwards double arrow
⇓ or ⇓⇓ or ⇓downwards double arrow
⇔ or ⇔⇔ or ⇔left right double arrow
∀ or ∀∀ or ∀for all
∂ or ∂∂ or ∂partial differential
∃ or ∃∃ or ∃there exists
∅ or ∅∅ or ∅empty set = null set = diameter
∇ or ∇∇ or ∇nabla = backward difference
∈ or ∈∈ or ∈element of
∉ or ∉∉ or ∉not an element of
∋ or ∋∋ or ∋contains as member
∏ or ∏∏ or ∏n-ary product = product sign
∑ or ∑∑ or ∑n-ary sumation
∗ or ∗∗ or ∗asterisk operator
∝ or ∝∝ or ∝proportional to
∠ or ∠∠ or ∠angle
∧ or ∧∧ or ∧logical and = wedge
∨ or ∨∨ or ∨logical or = vee
∩ or ∩∩ or ∩intersection = cap
∪ or ∪∪ or ∪union = cup
∫ or ∫∫ or ∫integral
∴ or ∴∴ or ∴therefore
∼ or ∼∼ or ∼tilde operator = varies with = similar to
⊂ or ⊂⊂ or ⊂subset of
⊃ or ⊃⊃ or ⊃superset of
⊄ or ⊄⊄ or ⊄not a subset of
⊆ or ⊆⊆ or ⊆subset of or equal to
⊇ or ⊇⊇ or ⊇superset of or equal to
⊕ or ⊕⊕ or ⊕circled plus = direct sum
⊗ or ⊗⊗ or ⊗circled times = vector product
⊥ or ⊥⊥ or ⊥up tack = orthogonal to = perpendicular
⋅ or ⋅⋅ or ⋅dot operator
⌈ or ⌈⌈ or ⌈left ceiling = apl upstile
⌉ or ⌉⌉ or ⌉right ceiling
⌊ or ⌊⌊ or ⌊left floor = apl downstile
⌋ or ⌋⌋ or ⌋right floor
〈 or ⟨〈 or ⟨left-pointing angle bracket = bra
〉 or ⟩〉 or ⟩right-pointing angle bracket = ket
◊ or ◊◊ or ◊lozenge
☀sunshine - sun
☁cloudy - cloud
☂raining - rain
☃snow - snowman
★star solid
☆star outline
☊ascending node
☋descending node
☎phone number - phone service
☏phone symbol outline
♠ or ♠♠ or ♠black spade suit
♣ or ♣♣ or ♣black club suit = shamrock
♥ or ♥♥ or ♥black heart suit = valentine
♦ or ♦♦ or ♦black diamond suit
♩quarter note
♪eighth note
♬two eighth notes
✔Check Mark
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